Before and Afters

Testimonials from Our Clients with the Proof to Show

"Thank you Native for completely clearing my toenail fungus. After years of wearing dark polish, it feels great to see my bare nails looking so fresh and healthy! It only took 2 weeks to clear off years of fungal build up! I tried so many other products, Native was the only one to work this fast and effective!"

Sue S.

"Just wanted to say what a great product your antifungal nail solution has been for me!  Because of COVID, I had stopped having pedicures.  At your suggestion I cut them as short as possible and began a daily treatment of your product.   4/5 months later my toe nails are amazing and I’m not so embarrassed to go without nail polish.  I highly recommend your magical nail solution and look forward to a maintenance program."

Pamela R.

"I had fungus on one of my big toes for about five years. I tried other products that didn’t work. I started using the Restore solution and noticed improvement in a few weeks and it was completely gone after three months. Now I can wear my flip-flops to the beach again!"

Skyler L.

"I found Restore Antifungal Nail Solution from Native Nutraceuticals to be the most effective treatment for nail fungal problems I’ve used. Previous products took many months (if ever!) to cure the problem. Restore Antifungal did the job in several weeks. It was easy to apply and I liked the fact that it is an all-natural product. I highly recommend it."

Patty G.