How often do I apply the topical?

Twice daily, morning and night.

Is it normal for my nails to look discolored (golden) during treatment with the antifungal solution?

Yes, this is a result of the Chitosan binding the all-natural organic ingredients to your nails. In their raw, unprocessed form these ingredients can impart a golden coloration on the surface of your nails.

How should I manage my nails during treatment?

You should cut your nails as you normally would. We recommend once a week filing of the surface of the nail to remove any build-up of medication on the surface of the nail. This also serves to remove surface fungus and damaged nail allowing for better penetration of the solution.

Does the serum prevent recurrence?

Once the nails have been restored we recommend using our MAINTAIN Conditioning Nail Serum on bare nails to inhibit the regrowth of fungus and keep your nails looking healthy.

Is it normal for the Restore antifungal nail solution to separate or form a film?

There can be some separation over time as the ingredients are all natural, meaning no preservatives or additives to prevent separation. Please shake well before each use.

Can I polish my nails during treatment?

We don’t recommend regular use of polish on your nails during treatment as this will diminish the effect of the topical antifungal. If you want to polish your nails after seeing improvement, use the RESTORE Anti Fungal Nail Solution as a primer under your polish. 

How should I store my products?   

Store tightly covered in a cool, dry space out of direct sunlight.

How long will it take for my nails to be restored and looking healthy?

If you have a mild or moderate case with only surface discoloration of the nail (usually indicated by white or flaky spots) you may have clear nails in as little as two - six weeks.

If your nails have more severe signs of fungus (usually indicated by thickened, brittle and discolored nails) it may take three to six months.