What is a Native Nutraceutical?




Our company's name, Native Nutraceuticals, pays homage to two things: First, the method by which our ancestors, the indigenous pople of our Earth, gained knowledge about natural medicines by foraging and observing the effects of materials on their bodies. Second, to the organic methods by which they grow and harvest these materials. Native Americans not only grow food and herbal medicines in an organic way for their own health, they harvest them in such a way as to do as little harm to the planet as possible. In fact, growing plants on farms is not their first choice. Whenever possible they forage and take only a samll amount from each plant. Native Nutraceuticals obtains as much of its dried berbs from Native American farms like Sakari Farms in Tumalo, Oregon (sakarifarms.weebly.com) because we can trust their dried sagebrush was foraged without killing the plant.

The founders of Native Nutraceuticals, Dr. Randy Cameron and Dr. Braxton Little have the utmost respect for science, as they are immersed in it every day. However, they also realize the limitations of science. The scientific method developed during the 16th century uses empirical testing to gain knowledge. It certainly has enabled humanity to develop a wide range of pharmaceuticals to treat diseases in a short time period. But it has also made us turn our back on the traditions of our ancestors. We have stopped trusting any traditional knowledge that hans't been proven or exposed by the light of science.

Dr. Cameron and Dr. Little are wary about the long term effects of some pharmaceuticals. The problem is particularly troublesome for topically applied materials because they have less regulation than ingested medicines. Furthermore, medical science has been primarily focused on life threatening diseases. And for a good reason! People are now living linger as a result of the scientific method. But as we live longer we become more prone to skin diseases, as natural aging and environmental factors take their toll on our skin.  

At Native Nutraceuticals we study the medical traditions of our ancestors and counter check them with scientific studies that have been performed. We're particularly interested in traditional medicines that have been accepted and utilized by indigenous people around the world. And those traditions that have now been illuminated by scientific research make it into our formulas.