What is the Difference Between a Molecule and a Chemical?

Knowledge is a weird thing. It can be so difficult to obtain, however, once you have it you just assume everyone has it also. Chemistry is that way. Most people are turned away from chemistry because the language and process of learning is so abstract and difficult. But if students only knew that once you learned chemistry it’s like any other language….you don’t think about it anymore. The English language is one of the most difficult to learn, however, there are all types of drunken fools that know how to speak it. The beautiful thing about chemistry is it absolutely changes your perspective of the world around you.

I often assume everyone knows what a molecule is, but I can’t tell you how many times I have been surprised to hear someone ask “what is a molecule?” or “what is the difference between a molecule and a chemical?”. So, I thought I should write a short and simple article about what the “molecular world” is like because it’ll help explain some of our future blog articles. Please don’t cringe!

What is a Molecular World?

The best way to describe the molecular world is to compare it to humanity as a whole. Humanity is divided up into countries, which are made up of states, which are made up of counties, then cities and towns; but the final and most fundamental unit are the people. Now you can say people are made up of arms and legs etc. However, these don’t have independent will. It is the sum of the will of the people that creates the dynamic between people and creates a culture, government and ultimately all the activity and commerce to create societies. Each country has a personality of its own and is a reflection of that activity and the sum of the will and the perspective of its people.

Well, each one of us is like a world. We are made up of organs, which are made up of tissues, which are made up of cells, but the fundamental unit are molecules. Now, you can say molecules are made up of atoms. However, it is the will of the molecules that creates activity and dynamic we call life. On the other hand, it is human emotion that creates the needs and character of different societies, and it's the energy of molecules that creates their needs. 

How Molecules Translate Into Our Products

So, where are molecules? Everything you see, hear, smell or taste are molecules. Yes….everything you sense; the couch you're sitting on, the table in front of you, the blue sky, the smell coming from the kitchen and the sound of a car honking are the activity of molecules. Even the warmth and brightness of sunlight is really the molecules of our body responding sunlight. So, what is a chemical? A chemical is simply another word for a molecule. So you can see why saying you would like a skin lotion that doesn’t contain chemicals is ridiculous. I believe what you mean is you don’t want synthetic chemicals. 

At Native Nutraceuticals we make sure to use molecules in our formulas that are already part of the living cycles of our world. These are molecules we call “native molecules” and because we are using them in skin treatments they are “native nutraceuticals”. We believe in this because, as scientists, we realize the limited amount of testing that has been performed on purely synthetic molecules, those invented and produced only by humans. We respect that there are needs for synthetic molecules as medicines in which there is no alternative. However, we are concerned about the effect synthetic molecules will have on us and our planet Earth as these synthetic molecules pile up through the years. You can depend that, as in our toenail fungus treatment, Restore Antifungal Nail Solution, Native Nutraceuticals will develop and sell skin treatments in which every molecule is native to our mother Earth.