How Do You Prevent Toe Nail Fungus?


  1.  Just breathe. Your toes/feet need to breathe. This means wearing shoes and socks that are made from more “breathable” materials.  Believe it or not, the sock world can be rough and tumble with strong opinions on the “best” sock. From the standpoint of best overall, it is a cotton/polyester blend. Why? Because cotton is a natural fiber that is lightweight, absorbent, strong yet soft and environmentally friendly. Add to it the moisture wicking/quick drying characteristics of polyester and you have a great all-around sock. The obvious breathable shoe is a sandal. But there is also a lot of “breathable” technology in shoes today. These can help keep your feet dry and fungus free.  

  2. Do not share nail clippers/nail files. Your nail maintenance implements can actually spread fungus if shared from one person to another. Always wash your clippers and files after each use and let them dry thoroughly.  

  3. Alternate shoes. Shoes can retain moisture and harbor fungus. This is especially true if you like to wear shoes without socks. And even worse if your feet perspire excessively. Alternate shoes and leave them in an open-air space to dry thoroughly. If you are prone to athlete’s foot you should spray the inside of your shoes with an anti-fungal spray after each use.  It is also a good idea not to share wearing shoes with other people.

  4. Wear flip-flops/sandals in public areas. This is particularly important in areas that tend to stay damp. This will prevent contact with infected surfaces and allow your feet to dry quickly.

  5. If your feet are in shoes and socks all day, wash them and dry well at the end of the day.