Why People with Type 2 Diabetes Need to Be Proactive Against Nail Fungus

Many people that have had a tendency for nail fungus, find the problem worsens after the onset of type 2 diabetes. When you are younger with nail fungus, and your nerves, immune system and circulation are healthy, nail fungus seems to remain localized and is often easy to treat. With the onset of type 2 diabetes, however, the fungus can spread quickly to several toes and to the feet. Cracks in the skin of your feet can cause further infection. Damaged nerves make it difficult to feel these infections growing. As the fungus grows it becomes more difficult to treat. In severe cases, when wounds get to the point where they can’t heal, amputation may be necessary. It is best to be proactive against nail fungus beginning in the first place.

Reasons Type 2 Diabetes Can Have Increase Risk of Nail Fungus

There are several reasons why people with type 2 diabetes are more vulnerable to nail fungus. type 2 diabetes often leads to nerve damage in your feet which makes it difficult to tell when you have damaged your nail. A damaged, or cracked, nail gives an opportunity for fungus to enter and grow. Also, high blood sugar from diabetes can weaken the body’s immune system making it difficult for the body to fight microorganisms. Poor circulation to the nail further makes the immune system inefficient. 


It's important that people with type 2 diabetes are proactive against nail fungus. Native Nutraceutical’s Maintain Conditioning Serum is an effective and easy way to block nail fungus from taking root. Brush it on to your nail and rub it in to the nail and surrounding skin. It will penetrate cracks in the nails and slowly release antifungal molecules like undecylenic acid. The biopolymer called chitosan in the formula not only acts to slowly release the undecylenic acid, but it is also antifungal and aids in wound healing itself. 

What to Do if You Notice Nail Fungus

If you do notice that nail fungus has already begun to grow you need to step your defense by applying Native Nutraceutical’s Restore Antifungal Nail Serum. It will kill the fungus before it has a chance to spread to surrounding skin and other toes.